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In Dordogne, close to the village of Montignac-sur-Vézère, in the heart of Périgord Noir, lies Lascaux, the masterpiece of prehistoric art. This cave of medium size for the region extends for about 200 metres and is made up of alternating chambers which are more or less circular, and passages.

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Approximately 600 animals are depicted in the cave. Horses dominate with 355 examples, followed by 107 cattle, aurochs and bisons, 88 animals of the deer family, 35 ibex, a few members of the cats family and one bear. Despite being prolific in the Magdelanian age, the reindeer is represented only once and the mammoth isn't at all. The creature which has been named "the unicorn" has given rise to a number of hypotheses but its interpretation remains a mystery.


The organic debris found in the Lascaux cave has been dated at around 15'000 years BC, which ties in with other finds that have been attributed to the early Magdalenian period. This cave is a must, do not miss the opportunity to visit it if you book our holiday houses in Dordogne

Lascaux rental holiday properties

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So far the paintings themselves have not been directly dated using physical methods. But a number of arguments suggest that they are contemporaneous with the archaeological remains: bones and lamps decorated with the same symbols as those on the walls, the presence of pigments, palettes, jars, mortars, and flints probably used for engraving.

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