The gardens of Marqueyssac


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Publicly opened in 1997, the the overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac were designed by André Le nôtre, they are the most visited gardens in the Périgord region. Overlooking the Dordogne valley, they are situated close to the village called Vézac. They stretch along a spur on the Dordogne valley with an east and west exposure. 


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Guided tour and walking path are organized to visit the garden. All pathways lead to the Belvedere 800 meters away from the castle. This is a marvelous panoramic point of view, 192 meters the river, of the Dordogne valley. Les Jardins de Marqueyssac also offer evening visits. They allow you to do the same visits with evening temperatures much more pleasant than the afternoon heat and to experience a quite different atmosphere.  Marqueyssac aux Chandelles (Marqueyssac by candlelight),  are Thursday nights in July and August. With music and animations as well as some entertainment for children.


The garden are situated on a limstone hill. Due to the very dry soil, the vegetation had to adapt to these particular conditions. That's why you will find in the parks plants that are usually found close to the Mediterranean see. Some holm oaks, traditional oaks, maples & berries were planted. The dark and evergreen foliage of the holm oak is the origin of the name of the region « Black Perigord » in the area of Sarlat. This is also were our rental accommodation are situated.

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Built during the 18th centuries, the Castle of Marqueyssac is listed as nationnal heritage (national historical monument) since 1948. Constructed with great simplicity, the castle displays a remarkable roof made out of typical material of the region : limestone slabs (lauze) or stone tiles.It weighs more than 300 tons ! This roof is currently being repaired.

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