Proumeyssac and Padirac caves


Proumeyssac caves, close to our vacation house in France


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Proumeyssac, close to our rental accommodations is currently the largest developed cave in the Périgord.

A tunnel provides easy access to this huge underground vault, whose walls are adorned with countless crystallizations of exceptional density.

A light show combined with a musical background add to the originality of this site.


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The 45 minute visit, with commentaries by knowledgeable guides, will be an unforgettable experience.

This huge underground vault can be encompassed in a single glance. The density and variety of the crystallizations decorating the walls are of undeniable geological interest. You will find a brochure in our rental cottages to inform you about the visiting hours and prices


Padirac chasm - while enjoying your holidays in our cottages

Padirac chasm is a natural, it is 99m (325 ft) around its rim with a diameter of 35m (115 ft). It is situated in the Lot, the region next to Dordogne in the south west of France. The cave, at a depth of 103m (338 ft), contains a subterranean river system that is partly negotiable by boat. You enter it by lift or using the stairs. The visit then starts on the river for a 500m journey in the underground tunnels.

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After getting out of the boat in the so called Rain lake (Lac de Pluie), the journey continues by walking to the Grands Gours room with gorgeous Calcareous sinters, a 40m high und 6m large Stalagmite and a 25m long, 4m large stalactite, the Grand Dôme room with its 94m high roof.

The whole visit lasts for about 2h and you will navigate and walk about 2Km. Padirac is the most frequently visited underground tourism facility in France, with more than 350,000 visitors annually

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